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Darvocet Lawyer Information

Did you know that taking Darvocet even at recommended dosages could be detrimental to your health?
Did you know that a recall was issued for the drug late in 2010?

If you or a loved one took Darvocet and experienced heart problems or any other unexpected side
effects, you need help.

What is Darvocet?

Darvocet (or Darvon) is a narcotic painkiller that has been used to treat mild to moderate pain, with or
without fever. For example, some oral surgeons used to prescribe it after wisdom teeth extractions or
root canals. It is a combination of two drugs: propoxyphene and acetaminophen. Propoxyphene is the
primary active ingredient, also known as Darvon in the generic form.

Originally developed by Eli Lilly and Co., the drug was later sold by accompany known as Xanodyne

Darvocet Can Cause Potentially Fatal Heart Issues

It is irrefutable. Darvocet poses a very real danger to your heart. The condition, known as Darvocet
arrhythmia, basically throws the rhythm of your heart out of sync. This could mean:

  • Elevated heart rate
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Skipping of beats

The condition ends up causing reduced blood flow, which can have negative impacts on your brain and other vital organs. If you took Darvocet and have experienced irregular heartbeats, please see a doctor as soon as possible.

Darvocet and the FDA—What Happened?

To say that it took a lot to get the FDA to issue a Darvocet recall would be quite the understatement. Here is just a snippet of what occurred:

  • 2006 — Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group, urged the FDA to ban Darvocet and Darvon. The reason? They said the drug was responsible for 2,000 plus deaths in the 80s and 90s. They also argued that the painkiller was too weak so it lent itself to overuse which would then lead to patient toxicity. The FDA failed to take action.
  • 2009 — An advisory panel met and voted that the FDA should effectively ban all Darvon-related products in the United States. This time the FDA did take action, but it was not enough. Rather than issuing a Darvocet recall, they merely required a new warning label to be placed on product packaging. This label warned of the danger of overdose. However, it made no mention of the potential risks to the heart. The FDA did however force Darvocet marketers to perform further studies in regards to the drug’s affect on the heart.
  • 2010 — Heart studies performed in relation to Darvocet were widely conclusive—the drug can alter the rhythm of the heart. Such alteration can cause serious issues, some even fatal. As a result, the FDA finally issued a Darvocet recall right before the end of 2010.

What took the FDA so long to take action? Worse yet, were you or a loved one one of the patients taking Darvocet while they were still trying to decide if it was safe? If so, you may need to file a Darvocet lawsuit.

Do You Need a Darvocet Recall Attorney?

Who can benefit from contacting a Darvocet lawyer at the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm? You may need our help if you fall under one of the following categories:

  • You have taken the drug in the past and have experienced heart problems
  • A loved one passed away after taking the drug
  • You had a child born with problems associated with your Darvocet use
  • You experienced a Darvocet overdose

If any of the above describes you, we can help. All you need to do is call us up and we will schedule a free consultation. You have nothing to lose, so please do not rob yourself of potential compensation.

The Ogletree Abbott Law Firm Can Handle Your Darvocet Lawsuit

You certainly will not be able to handle a lawsuit on your own. What you need is an experienced Darvocet recall lawyer to guide you through the entire process. We can do exactly that. Here is how the process works:

  1. Schedule a free consultation — We meet first, with no strings attached, to listen to your story.
  2. Decide if you have a fighting chance — Believe us when we say, if we think you have a case, we will take it on. On the other hand, if we do not think your case is legitimate, we will not waste your time or money. Either way, we give our honest opinion.
  3. File your lawsuit — If we decide to move ahead, we will prepare all the necessary paperwork and file your Darvocet lawsuit.
  4. Fight to the end! — And then it is time to fight. Known for our aggression, we will see this thing through for you. Setting you up for the best possible chances of obtaining a just settlement is our primary goal.

Contact a Darvocet Recall Attorney Now

Anyone can promise to fight for your rights. And anyone can file a lawsuit. But we do things differently at the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm, because we know that integrity is our best quality.

So how do you know you can put your faith in our team? Simple: you do not pay us a single nickel until we win your case. Nothing!

Think about it—that way, we develop a personal interest in your case. No longer is all the pressure on you. We share in it. If we fail to reach a fair settlement, we lose too. And conversely, when we win big—we all win big. Suffer no longer. If you have been hurt by Darvocet in any way, let us represent you. Call 713-223-1234 or 800-779-4950 now and speak to a Darvocet recall lawyer!

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