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Have You Been Injured Due to a Kugel Mesh Implant?

Sometimes the very things meant to heal us can end up leaving us worse off than before. Such is the case with the Kugel Mesh Hernia Patch. If you or someone you know has experienced pain, suffering, or even wrongful death due to a Kugel Mesh Implant, you may be entitled to monetary retribution.

­The Kugel Mesh Implant has been used to repair ventral hernias. These hernias are tears that occur at naturally weak points in the abdominal wall. They must be repaired because eventually the intestines will begin to protrude from the abdominal tear and can cause severe pain.

In 1997, the Kugel Mesh Patch was patented as a non-invasive means of curing these ventral hernias. This new technique only required a few small incisions, a camera, and a folded patch. The Kugel Mesh Patch was composed of a synthetic mesh that was folded and held in place by a memory-coil ring. Once slid inside the patient, the ring was supposed to release, causing the Kugel Mesh Patch to spring open and cover the tear in the abdominal wall, keeping the intestines from pushing through.

This patch is manufactured by Davol Inc. and has been sold under a couple of different brand names: Bard and Composix.

Why are People Filing Kugel Mesh Implant lawsuits?

While the non-invasive surgery involving the Kugel Hernia Patch seemed like a great idea, 5 years after it was patented, troubling stories began to surface about the Composix Kugel Mesh Implants. The problems were with the memory recoil rings. Once they slipped off and let the mesh patch open up, they started breaking.

As you may imagine, having a foreign object loose in your body can cause all sorts of problems—some of which are more serious than others. These problems the memory-recoil ring has been reported to cause include:

  • Infections to the implant site requiring immediate medical attention.
  • Bowel obstructions, perforations, and constrictions due to the ring wrapping around the intestines.
  • Chronic enteric fistulas, conditions in which the gut and other organs form an abnormal connection. This could include the vaginal canal, bladder, or other organs of the intestinal tract.

While many of the resulting conditions are treatable, left unattended they could be potentially fatal. For that reason, any suspicion on Kugel Mesh Implant failure should result in seeking immediate medical attention.

Did Manufacturers Recall their Kugel Mesh Implants?

When originally confronted with the accusation of patch malfunctions, the manufacturer denied all allegations. Instead, Davol blamed doctors for improperly implanting the patch. However, once the manufacturer began performing studies on the Kugel Mesh Implants, they discovered that the memory-recoil rings were in fact faulty.

As a result, beginning in 2005 and updated in 2006 and 2007, a massive recall of Kugel mesh Implants finally took place. The recall issued by the FDA was a Class 1, which is the strongest level of recall they can give. This means the product is especially dangerous and could pose a very real danger of injury or death.

Surgeons were warned not to use the patches, but instead to return them to the manufacturer. However, that does not mean that none of the defective patches were used. In fact, in 2008, information came out stating that 7 patients in a Virginia hospital had mistakenly received recalled Kugel Mesh Implants. One patient in particular experienced intense pain, but the doctors were unable to remove the defective implant as it had already bonded with her organs.

You Could Be in Danger

Perhaps you had hernia surgery awhile back and had a Kugel Mesh Implant, yet you have not experienced any issues. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean you will not at some point in the future. It is extremely important that you educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of a Kugel Mesh Implant malfunction. Do not hesitate to contact your physician immediately if you experience:

  • Unusual and persistent abdominal pain
  • Unexplained fever
  • Tenderness in the area of your Kugel Mesh Implant
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Bulging at the implant site
  • Any other symptoms you deem out of the ordinary that could be related

If you experience any issues with the implant site, you need to not only see a doctor, but contact a Kugel Mesh Implants lawyer here at the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm. We can help inform you of the steps you should take to make things right.

We Can File Your Kugel Mesh Implant Lawsuit

Perhaps you are one of those people who scoff at others for filing what you see as frivolous lawsuits. And believe us—we do too. However, please understand that if you have been harmed by a faulty Kugel Mesh Implant, you deserve retribution. This could mean compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering caused by the defective patch
  • Lost wages due to the inability to work
  • Medical costs associated with treatment and repair of the defect

And how will you obtain what is rightfully yours? Through a Kugel Mesh Implants lawsuit.

Why We Believe Davol Should Be Held Responsible for Your Kugel mesh Implant Failure

Accidents happen—we realize this. However, this whole Kugel Mesh Patch disaster was certainly not an honest mistake on the part of the manufacturer. In fact, it was preventable.

As the recalls were going on, the FDA also launched an investigation on Davol. Guess what they found?

  • They did not appropriately record or manage complaints from patients.
  • They were not properly testing their products according to safety standards.
  • They violated numerous production and storage safety standards for the product.

Davol was passing off a shoddy product that was haphazardly manufactured. And now people just like you are suffering due to their negligence. Now, does this not sound like grounds for a Kugel Mesh Implant lawsuit?

Let Us Begin Representing You Today

It is not fair for you to have to deal with the consequences of Davol’s negligence on your own. If you were harmed by their product, you need to receive compensation. Do not just sit back and take the hand you have been dealt. We can help you do something about it. Call us today at 713-223-1234 or toll-free at 800-779-4950 and let us provide you with a Kugel Mesh Implants lawyer!

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