Personal injury, Workers Compensation, Jones ACT and Social Security Lawyers

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Personal injury, Workers Compensation, Jones ACT and Social Security Lawyers

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 Our Personal Injury Lawyers

Each personal injury lawyer with our firm is committed to helping individuals like you, not companies. We all come from working families and are dedicated to protecting people against corporations who only think about profit and the bottom line. The motto of corporations is, “its business, not personal.” Our lawyers see it the other way, that is, “It’s always personal.” When we our clients we get to know them and it’s hardly a surprise that we want to help them. Insurance companies may act like they are your friend but they are not your friend when it comes to paying you a fair amount of money for your injury. You should at least talk to a personal injury lawyer before you sign a release with the insurance company because after you do it’s too late to change your mind. Too many times people call us after they have sign a release and find out that they have been cheated out of very significant amounts of money. If this happens to you, it will stay with you for the rest of your life. Don’t let insurance companies take advantage of you like that.

Get Bigger Net Settement With a Lawyer

If you do not hire an Auto Accident Lawyer the insurance company will almost never pay you a fair settlement for your injury. When an insurance adjuster makes you a settlement offer, it’s just their first offer and many people never realize that. Also, non-lawyers do not know the law or what types legal damages that the insurance company owes you. Insurance companies never explain all of the legal damages to people who are injured by their insureds. There are more than 15 distinct and different legal damages including pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of consortium, loss of services, disability, impairment, medical bills, both past and present medical bills, scarring, psychological, and many others. If the insurance company hasn’t told you about all of your legal damages, they are doing so because it is not in their interest to be truthful to you. You need an Auto Accident lawyer to tell you about your legal damages and give you an estimate of the true and fair value of your case, according to the law.

Workers Compensation, Third Party Claims, Jones Act & Longshore Harborworker Claims

If you are suffering from a job related injury or disease we can help you with your Workers’ Compensation claimJones Act claimLongshore Harbor Workers’ claimDefense Base Act claim and or any other job related claim. We can help you protect your job or sue an employer who fires you because of your job injury. We will make sure that your checks are the correct amount (most checks are not enough), protect your job or sue an employer who fires you because of your job injury, and help you locate the right doctor who is not under the thumb of an employer or insurance company. We will work with your doctor to help him understand the law so that you can get the highest possible impairment rating so that you receive a fair amount of money for your injury. If your injury is serious you may be entitled to disability benefits of which you may not be aware and employers may not fully inform you of every benefit that you deserve. In addition to any employer duty to provide long term disability you probably will be entitled to Social Security Disability income, even if you have only paid income taxes for a short period of time. We will carefully scrutinize your accident to determine if you have any other claims against third party companies or individuals. Most workers are surprised at who else may share fault in causes of accidents. A third party case is any case against another company or individual other than your employer. Examples of potential third parties include, someone who causes an accident who is not employed by your company or someone who manufacturers faulty machinery, tools or equipment that contributes to your injury. Many other types of third party cases include failure to warn cases and faulty designs for everything mechanical. Do not try to guess whether you have a third party because there are too many possibilities that you would never imagine. Tell us what happened and we will quickly tell you if you have a third party claim. It’s free, quick and easy. It’s better to ask even if you think you are sure that you don’t have a third party claim.

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